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有限会社徳吉工業 スケート事業部

Tsubame Blade Stream:Ø2

Tsubame Blade Stream:Ø2

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Tsubame Blade Stream

Curve: Ø2 (zero two)

The toe has a large presence and is a shape preferred by heel-heavy skaters who want to feel the toe firmly when jumping.

After creating an accurate curve with an edge sharpening machine designed specifically for Tsubame Blade, it is hand-sharpened with an oil stone.


stainless steel screws


If it is not in stock, please request it here .

please note:

  • Use of the included stainless steel screws is not mandatory.
  • The long holes on the shoe attachment surface are for temporary position adjustment purposes. Be sure to use countersunk screws in the holes for the final fixing (spot-bored holes) to make the final fix.
  • There may be scratches or scuffs that occur during the production process. If you are concerned about this, please refrain from purchasing.


*This is Rel2 version (current product from November 2021).

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